Our Town - Publishing the 1st and 15th of each month - Ad Rates

Ad Size Measurements Single Ad 3 times 6 times 12 times 18 times 24 times
Full Page 10.25"x11.25" $965 $869 $825 $705 $639 $614
1/2 Page 10.25"x5.5"(H)
or 5"x11.25"(V)
$515 $446 $432 $375 $345 $325
1/3 Page 10.25"x3.625"(H)
or 3.25"x11.25"(V)
$370 $327 $302 $265 $242 $225
1/4 Page 10.25"x2.625"(H)
or 5"x5.5"(V)
$282 $249 $232 $205 $184 $178
1/6 Page 5"x3.625"(H)
or 3.25"x5.5"(V)
$190 $168 $161 $136 $128 $120
1/8 Page 5"x2.625" $145 $133 $125 $110 $100 $91
1/16 Page 2.375"x2.625" $74 $69 $63 $54 $49 $45
*One month(four weeks) Mt. Angel Shopper plus one run in Our Town. See Shopper rate card for sizes & specs

Add spark to your advertising with color!Spot Color: $100 Full Color: $250

Double your audience! Pick up your ad into the Our Town serving Stayton, Sublimity, and the Santiam Canyon area. Our Town / Mt. Angel Shopper discount packages also available.

Marketplace Line Ad Rates — Private Party $10, Real Estate & Business $15

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Mt. Angel, Scotts Mills, Silverton
P.O. Box 927 • Mt. Angel, OR 97362
phone: 503-845-9499 • fax: 503-845-9202 • email: ads.ourtown@mtangelpub.com

Camera-Ready Advertising and Materials

Design services are included with the price of advertising. However, Our Town Monthly is glad to accept your camera-ready or digital press-ready advertisement.

Digital Files
PDF: preferred format for complete advertisements. A minimum DPI of 240 (600 for line art) will ensure best quality printing. Please include art and colors in CMYK (process) format.
JPEG: preferred format for photographs. A minimum DPI of 240 at actual size will ensure best quality printing. JPEGs downloaded from internet web sites are generally not of print quality, but those downloaded from a digital camera are fine.
TIFF: preferred format for line art and logos. A minimum DPI of 240 for color/grayscale or 600 for line art will ensure best quality printing. TIFFs may also be used to submit whole ads if PDF is unavailable.
EPS: please raster all text (convert to paths or lines) and make sure all artwork and colors are in CMYK format.
Quark, Freehand, Illustrator, Publisher: Our Town Monthly is pleased to accept your Quark, Freehand, Illustrator or Publisher file with all associated fonts and images included. Please collect all fonts, images, related information and the file itself on a CD for delivery or mail to our office.

Photographs and Artwork
Photos: your original photographic print, negative or slide is welcome. Our Town Monthly will keep your materials until composition of your ad is complete and a proof is approved, then return them for your convenience.

Camera-Ready Art and Advertisements
Positives: print your black and white advertisement using laser printing on high quality paper. If your advertisement contains complex shades of gray or a photograph, you may need to provide the original artwork or photograph along with your laser print.
Film: Our Town Monthly can accept film in lieu of a camera-ready positive with three weeks? advance notice.

Advertising Agreement Terms

Contract rates apply to individual Advertisers. Advertising shall be for one business, unless businesses are under a single ownership. Rights or rates may not be assigned or transferred to another business or agency.

The Publisher reserves the right to change advertising rates with 30 days notice to contract holders, who may accept the new rate or submit written notice of contract cancellation within the 30-day period.

Advertising must be paid in full prior to publication unless a credit application has been submitted and approved.

Payment on a billed account is due the 15th day of the month following publication. A late charge of 1.5% will be added to an account past due by 30 days or more.

Past due accounts are subject to suspension of advertising and credit privileges.

The Publisher reserves the right to edit or reject any advertisement at any time. Any advertisement or supplement simulating news content must be labeled as paid advertising.

Ad placement is at the sole discretion of the Publisher unless a guaranteed placement charge has been paid.

Advertiser shall notify the Publisher of any error in time for correction before second insertion. Upon mutual agreement, Publisher may run corrective advertising for any portion of the first insertion that has been rendered valueless by the Publisher's error. Publisher's liability shall not exceed the cost of the space occupied by the advertisement. Except as provided above, Publisher assumes no liability for loss to Advertiser as the result of errors or omission in advertising copy.

Neither party to an agreement shall be held liable for failure to perform as the result of acts of Nature or reasons beyond their control. Under such circumstances, either party shall have the right to terminate an agreement without penalty. However, nothing in this paragraph shall excuse an Advertiser from the obligation to pay for advertising previously published.

Prices subject to change. Contact a sales representative for more information.

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